Phobias (probably needs to be ssp)

Just reading about trypophobia - a fear of repetitive patterns. Scientist has claimed that around 15% of people suffer this to one degree or other. Thought that sounded high, but what do I know?
Any phobias / phobia stories you feel like sharing?

Oh hi. I have that. All stemmed from lotus boob. Remember that?! (Just holes for me though, not other patterns)

Also scared of blue whales but only from a certain angle, and cruise ships again from a certain angle. Generally massive things in the sea.

Mirrors too. No mirrors I can accidentally see into in my flat, all either angled away a bit or hidden


I don’t like the sea full stop. Won’t go in it, don’t eat any seafood.


I love the sea and don’t have fears whilst in it at all. Which is a bit strange.

Went to see Missing Link, a U rated film last week. Almost wet myself at the opening scene of the Loch Ness Monster. Terrifying.

Just reading about trypophobia - a fear of repetitive patterns. Scientist has claimed that around 15% of people suffer this to one degree or other.


all whales and sharks for me. and big ships too.

also moths.

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Cacti in all their forms.

An ex still sends me photos of blue whales from time to time

Massive phobia of big things in general. I can’t walk near large buildings. No idea why.

Sometimes get agoraphobia too

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I have a slight uneasiness when looking at patterns of small holes.

First realised when I looked at one of those cheap footballs through a microscope.

I don’t so much feel nauseous, more a really mild feeling of dread and terror.


I have trypophobia but it’s not a fear as such, just makes me feel queasy

I’m not good with insects of any kind really, would rather they all just fucked off. Bees can stay though, gbol. Spiders in particular can get tae. (don’t hit me with all that ‘they’re not insects’ stuff pls)

Used to be scared of heights but not at all now.

Would be nice if flights weren’t terrifying.

Same here, I’m not terrified as such, but I have to close my eyes, shudder, feel a bit sick and then it plays on my mind for ages.

My ex’s workmate was so scared she wouldn’t even eat crumpets.


I don’t eat crumpets because I don’t like them but even if I did I doubt I’d eat them, they make me feel ill when I look at them, gross things.

Claustrophobia (especially bad if I can’t move freely)

Hate, hate, hate being in a crowd. It’s ok at gigs when everyone is standing fairly still and watching the same thing, but being on a crowded street or something makes me feel sick and dizzy.

Yeah not sure if this is a phobia or just a series of anxiety triggers for me, but I’d be ecstatic if I never had to get on a flying death tube ever again.

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Forgot the biggy - my neck.

Touching it makes me want to cry. Really can’t explain enough to someone how upsetting I find it but the more I explain the more they want to touch it/tickle me there whatever. I get it, it must be tempting, but I genuienly feel like I’m being attacked when it happens and feel close to tears or a panic attack. An ex would take every opportunity to do it even after I told him it made me feel the same way I’ve felt when I’ve been sexually assualted.

Ooh err.

(Oddly enough I get it from that massive building near Gare Du Nord but when it’s a load of y’all buildings together it’s fine)

Yes, mine is becoming more about giant things generally too. I think I shared it on here a few times but there was a mock up of what the giant Victorian era statue of Brittania at Greenwich would look like had it been built, and it haunts my dreams.

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Yeah! I think it’s the latter for me. Lack of control, lack of space, time to sit and think about all the terrible life choices I’ve made…

Then again if there’s any noise or motion that I deem unusual my heart leaps into my mouth so maybe I am just a big scaredy cat.

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