Do you have a phobia?

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good name for a band too.

mine is really stupid btw. more stupid than sock puppets.

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Standard Arachno and Acro-phobic, nothing too exciting

have a phobia about being sick, was really very bad in my teens

tobias and the phobias


Well, not that I know of anyway.

All my fears are rational, including that of pigeons.

a phobia has to be irrational right? pretty weary of falling off tall buildings and stuff like that, but that seems pretty reasonable


Oh and I guess Claustrophobic, though only in caves (colloquially known as Speluncaphobia)

spiders and heights.

So that time the bf decided get us lost up on spider mountain was particularly brilliant.


Prefer Deimos tbh

My brother used to properly freak out if he was gonna be sick

As a child of migraines and stomach problems, i’m totes fine with being sick and most of the time, welcome/encourage it.

If your phobia can be represented as a picture, would you instantly click away from the page? (No this is not an invitation for mischief)

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Mine is cacti. Can’t look at the spiky ones without thinking they’re going to pierce my eye. Makes me feel really bilious.

My wife’s got a weird wooden stick phobia, she hates the feel of lollipop sticks and that kind of thing. If we ever go out for steamed hams I have to take the stick out of her burger (please don’t mrbean.jpg me, we’re all better than that).


With the heights thing…do you have an issue with having something in your hand when you’re in (what feels like) a precarious position? I’m absolutely certain I’ll drop it…and then in dropping it I’ll make a reflex grab to catch it, stumble, and ultimately fall to my death.

Rather than asking myself questions…this was for @Witches

Left himself wide open for the oooh matron tap in though

:rage: I was gonna prefix that as well!

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My gf is really funny about foam, so obviously I do things like put it on my tongue or move to touch my eyeball with it if there’s any foam lying about.



Yeah I’ve started mugging her off if we’re eating burgers. I’ll be munching on that patty goodness and making overly-elaborate mmmmm sounds while her sticked up burger goes cold.

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Hmm… no because generally when I’m high up I’m on a mountain and if I’m feeling scared I’ll normally be as close to the ground as possible and my hands are full of grass and rock and earth because I’m clinging to the side of the mountain for my dear life! :smiley: I am a bit concerned with breezes high up. In my mind the smallest breeze will blow me over, roll me 100 metres and over the side to my demise. I also don’t like not being to see what’s behind me. Going up is always worse than going down.

You are a monster.