Phoebe Bridgers 2020

I know she has released loads of stuff in her not so long career so far but she needs to release far more :grinning:

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How could you not like a song that’s essentially telling Ryan Adams to go stuff himself?


I can’t get ‘why do you sing with an English accent’ line out of my head


Liking all 3 songs so far but I Know the End is the one I’m looking forward to hearing the most based on the acoustic version of it. The outro is fantastic and there’s some crazy talent invovled on the album version.

This record’s going to be so good


This is really great.

I love this with all my heart, and the video is perfect too. I’m so excited for this record!

(It’s really, really special!)

oh, exciting

The rough trade listing says the following which has set my expectations even higher.

On the album’s epic, freewheeling closer, I Know The End , Bridgers orchestrates wails and horns, drums and electric guitar into a sumptuous doomsday swirl, culminating in her own final whispered roar.

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This doesn’t happen to me anymore, but I’m actually aching to hear this, like physically

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yep, it explodes :slight_smile:

Another livestream with Noisey. Also shows from Alex Lahey, Beach Bunny, others

Thought this was a weird gag then I clicked through :flushed:

cover of bright eyes “first day of my life”


This is stunning.

taken down, shots fired from saddle creek to dead oceans?

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it has leaked and it’s very good so far


Just gonna jag this in here, sorry

Our new magazine has a 12-page interview special with Phoebe. It’s released this Friday from Glasgow, and should be arriving next week sometime for UK folks but available worldwide. Includes lots of other interviews in there: Waxahatchee, Protomartyr, The Beths, Courtney Marie Andrews etc.

Full details here: