Phoebe Bridgers 2022 (Rolling)

look at the replies, fans brought along little moons and held them up during Moon Song :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sob:


Bit lame that she’s on the new Mumford & Son’s singer’s album imo


Because they’re shit.


fair enough - i havent heard it

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Realised a mumford was involved with the theme song for a show I like, irritating

Oh it’s Ted Lasso, and the song is the single worst thing about the show, so that’s more like it

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Watched that footage after this, genuinely expecting to see dozens of little ice cream balls being held aloft :joy:

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Admittedly it was presumably the banjo dickhead who invited him


up yours, mumford and sons


we’ll see who banjoes who

  • going to the Saturday Manchester gig and would be up for a mini dis meet before

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If anyone has a ticket to either Manchester gig I’d be willing (very) to buy it from you!


Booked a hotel for Manchester gig but no tickets yet :grimacing:


shit man massive fomo on these dates

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I have one for sunday as I’m now going on saturday

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Thank you-i’ve been told by the TV that with my marriage only a week later and COVID rising not to risk it though.

Hopefully catch her when she tours next!

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When they were announced I was a bit meh about them, I’d watched loads of her live stuff online and it didn’t really feel like I was missing out too much. The more recent live stuff has been the absolute bomb though, so now I’m really aching that I can’t go.

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Anyone want my Sunday manc ticket at face value before I sell it elsewhere?