Eeesh. Willing to give them… some benefit of the doubt, due to their generally terrible use of the English language but the message doesn’t come across well at all and they should probably drop this song from their album.


Just realised it’s the title track D:


Wolfgang Amadeus Meenix


Wolfgang Amadeus, Motherfucker!


Somewhat surprised Wokefork haven’t picked up on it


The could take out the legs lyric from the song. Like a radio friendly version. Its a shame. The song has a nice groove to it.
Haven’t there been numerous similar degrading lyrics in hip hop over the years. Are we just more shocked as the lyric is from a white band that didn’t grow up in the ghetto?



How are people enjoying the album? I think it’s good fun, even though the songs really run in to one another. Really enjoying the combo of ‘Fleur De Lys’ and ‘Role Model’.


I’m enjoying this - thought it was a bit boring at first but come round. First half is stronger than the second imo, though Telefono might be up there with their best. Really like the title track also but yes the lyrics are so off!!