Apart from “All Eyes On Me” which is just a complete abomination, I’m really loving the new one.

Identical is great, luckily I don’t remember it from when it was in On the Rocks so it was like a whole new song!

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After putting some time into the new album, I feel like it’s their best since WAP (although I’m one of those weirdos who attests that Alphabetical will always be the finest Phoenix LP). It’s hitting the spot in ways that Bankrupt! and Ti Amo never came close to doing. Feels like that band that I loved once upon a time is back again.

Got this on again now. Love the title track and After Midnight. Early big hitters for me.

Don’t understand the “All Eyes On Me” hate. I like it!

The Only One is filler. I like the rest.

Not sure how I’d rate it yet, but I’ve been reminded to love Phoenix again.

After Midnight and Winter Solstice are fantastic.

The new album feels like a real return to form after a few albums I only felt luke-warm about. I’m going to make an effort to see them live next year for the first time since Alphabetical.

US dates only, but:

That would be a very fun night out