Phone Audit (polls)

I have

  • iPhone
  • Android (please specify brand)
  • Other
  • Needy non smartphone option

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Main reason i have my phone

  • Price
  • Usability
  • Looks good
  • Good hardware (camera, battery life, processor etc)
  • Good support with other devices (headphones, pc etc)

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Android Moto G4.

Samsung A3. It’s fine

I’m sure iPhones are a lot better than Android phones, but i find it incredible what some people pay per month for a phone. I had a look recently and some of the iPhone 8’s on contract are £60 a month, ffs. I’m sure lots of people pay a lot less with older models.

As a measure, my Android phone cost £89 new and £7.50 a month. Pretty sure it does 90% of the stuff an iPhone does. Don’t really use it too much, though.


  • BT
  • EE
  • 3
  • O2
  • sky
  • Tesco
  • Virgin
  • Giffgaff
  • Vodafone
  • Other

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iPhone X

It’s MrS old one. He gets new and j get the hand-me-down. Think it’s a pixel XL. Flipping huge it is.

Work phone

  • Yes
  • Yes but rarely use
  • No

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Works phones Samsung galaxy 7

How much does your iPhone cost per month?

  • £20-£24.99
  • £25-£29.99
  • £30-£34.99
  • £35-£39.99
  • £40-£44.99
  • £45-£49.99
  • £50-£54.99
  • £55+

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How much does your Android phone cost per month?

  • £5-£9.99
  • £10-£14.99
  • £15-£19.99
  • £20-£24.99
  • £25-£29.99
  • £30-£34.99
  • £35+

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I have a Samsung something, can’t remember what I pay so probably being taken for a mug

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IPhone 7 I think. On O2 so basically just use it for the free caffe nero on a Tuesday and occasionally the cheap boots meal deal

Have an iPhone 6s. Managed to get an okay deal for it on the high street with a work discount on EE contracts. Will be changing to sim only rolling in June when the contract is up tho

Also got a Samsung galaxy tab active 2 for work that’s got a sim

It’s actually pretty good

Samsung Galaxy S8. It’s a real looker, has amazing specs and has a screen almost as good as the iPhone x’s but is half the price.


I have an iphone. it was my brother’s old one. think he switched to an android


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My iPhone costs £13.50 a month

I hate to be that guy but you’d have to be a right mug to have an iphone