Phone battery

Often find once my phone battery reaches 50% it rapidly decreases. Almost at a rate of 1% per 30 seconds. Anyone know why this may be? Got a zte (lol)

Nah. I got a Pixel 2 and it’s absolutely marvellous.

As a rule, I don’t do conspiracy theories. But there is definitely built-in obsolescence with modern smart phones

put a bowl of rice in the battery

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I extended the life of an HTC handset a few years ago by changing the battery. They cost about a fiver.

this happens with mine. sometimes it turns itself off when there’s still battery, and I’m able to turn it back on later without charging.

could easily be that batteries don’t last forever. I am extremely suspicious of apple though

I ended up buying a battery pack because where I was working at the time wouldn’t less us use the power outlets because of 'ealth and safety.

It’s because you’re not charging it properly. You’re supposed to charge things when they’re turned off, not on or on standby/sleep, and charge them for long periods, not just sort of top-up charge them.

Honestly. Every now and then turn it off and leave it on charge for 18-24 hours. I used to just plug mind in for an hour in the morning, or even overnight for five or six hours, but it effects the life of the battery over time.

Well that’s nonsense
An iPhone turns itself on as soon as it’s got enough charge to be on


Never had one, mate. Not a Tory.

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Brought my iphone 6 into the “genius bar” last month because it would turn off at 100% if I tried to take a photo or listen to a podcast, it needed to be plugged into one of those powerbank batteries for it to be anywhere near usable and it took apps like whatsapp 7-10 seconds to open.

They ran a diagnostic tool on it and the battery came up as “Completely consumed.” A new battery later and it’s such a drastic improvement, it’s like a new phone. I was going to do it myself and had bought a battery on ebay, but they recently reduced their price from £80 to £30 for iphone 6es. Definitely recommend it to anyone in a similar situation.

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Rightly so, they throttle phones’ performance as the battery starts to degrade:

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I had the same phone (and battery) for upwards of ten years and the chemicals all expanded so the back eventually came off. The battery became all bloated and round. Still worked though.