Phone Interview

Got one in an hour…would i be right to assume it is more about personality rather than technicalities? With a face to face one, if successful, focusing on suitability for a role?

Too late for tips…plus, ya know, it’s DiS but still…any tips?

the standard advice appears to be don’t wear trousers



Good luck!

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Have notes and stuff laid out in front of you - answers to common questions, your CV and personal statement etc. Walk around if it will help calm your nerves.

runs in panting


Try to focus on and limit the amount of non-verbal communication you do. As above, walking around can help with this

I wore a suit for my last phone interview. Ended up getting the job but I’m not sure how strong the causal relationship is.

Bloody hell mate just buy a phone, no need to interview it first.


ban request


I just threw up in my mouth at that

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I did one where it was very informal basically just a quick talk about some stuff on my cv. the ringing phone woke me up, and I was barely awake and babbled nonsense. I couldn’t be bothered to go to the the actual interview in the end.

I don’t think it counts as a real phone interview

Usually higher level questions, many around personality yes. But I’ve had a few ‘what are your strengths’ questions.

I think some important stuff is spoke about to weed out people who obviously aren’t suited for the job. As it’s a hassle getting people in.

FFS Theo.

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That maybe went badly? Never want to sound presumptuous when asking questions. Nothing too in depth about the technical side of things…the same old questions about strengths and what not. Wandered, almost naked.

Thanks for the help guys.

You’re welcome, hope you enjoy your new phone

Got one of these in 5 minutes
Not going to take my clothes off as I’m in the office

ok fine I will

Good luck!

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Only went and got it! (pending a quick chat with the COO but think I’m landed as long as I don’t swear at him or something)


are you going to work on a farm

well done ruffdawg