Phone out on the table at a meal/social situation

  • It’s fine mate, it’s 2017
  • Very rude, uncouth, etc.
  • Option 3

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i take it out my pocket sometimes because it’s quite a big phone but i would never read / look at it

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so what option is that

Only if youre expecting an important call.

Otherwise nah

Probably okay to glance at it a couple of times over the course of the evening to make sure no emergencies have cropped up (e.g. if you’ve booked a babysitter) but yeah: definitely not sat on the table.

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Don’t really mind either way although unsure how it’s any clearer than just having it in a pocket/bag nearby. It’s basically a sign of anxiety tbh.

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“Very rude, uncouth, etc.” granddad.

Out for a meal is very different from most social situations.

Meal: no
Drink with one other person: no
At someone’s house for a cup of tea or something: no
Anything else: probably fine

shut up and vote in the poll, smee

putting it on the table is fine though, looking at it is not fine

I just assumed he meant looking at it. I’m not sure why just having your phone on the table is bad in and of itself.

look at it all the time, would be pretty bored otherwise


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Only acceptable when a reason is declared from the outset, and that reason is good

Will look at my phone in most social situations other than being out for a meal for two. Maybe I’m a cunt.

awful unless there’s a legit reason for it.

Conversely, what about cooking dinner during a phone conversation?

  • No problem, just cradle that phone between your shoulder and head. You might miss some bits, but it’s probably not important anyway.
  • Very rude, if you’re speaking to someone it’s respectful to give them your full attention. Even if you think you are you probably aren’t.

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It’ll be on the table if I’m wearing clothes with no pockets but it’ll be face-down and not looked at for the duration (unless I need to check the time).

Wouldn’t do it if I’m with friends or at a fancy meal with Mrs HYG. But if we’re just at Nandos or something we’d probably have our phones out and it might get occasionally used for looking something up, to show her something from earlier, plus she’s always in a dozen ongoing conversations. It doesn’t bother me. We speak all day every day by various means, we can happily be in each other’s company and not focussed intently on the other.

If I’m waiting for a call or a message, I’ll maybe keep it out, but I’d also ask the people I’m with if that’s okay. But other than that, it’s pretty rude to sit there browsing away or checking twitter.

It makes it look like your think your friends are boring, or just reveals that you’re so boring that you can’t or won’t make conversation yourself.