Phone screen thread

  • My phone screen is fine
  • My phone screen is cracked

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That is all.

I bought my phone less than two weeks ago. So… fine for now.

I have a protective screen. That is now cracked but actual screen is fine, cheers

I cracked my phone one month ago for the first time ever and replaced it the next day

I don’t access the internet through screens

Screen is fine but I’ve smashed the wide-angle camera lens. Standard and selfie lenses are fine though, thanks for asking.

I cracked my OnePlus 3 too and have never five so before.

I’ve never broken anything on any phone I’ve had.

I cracked mine a few weeks ago for the first time ever and am soldiering on with it.

There’s a chunk missing down the bottom just below the screen now (I initially was going to try and take a screenshot of it before I realised how silly that notion was).

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Mine unfortunately cracked right along the bottom bit of the screen most commonly used for swiping and the glass was definitely going to end up cutting my thumb so I got it sorted

Are you a case or screen protector person?

  • Case
  • Screen Protector
  • Both
  • Neither

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mine’s a bit scratched but I can’t really be arsed to get a screen protector

i have a case which has pizza slices on it

I’ve just ordered a case, I’d been meaning to since dropping my last one and this thread reminded me.

Previous to that though, I had literally never dropped or damaged a phone that I’ve owned (apart from one going in the toilet which no form of protection would have helped…)

My phone fell out of my pocket while I was cycling about six or seven years ago. It was then run over by a bus whose driver ignored my signalling to him to stop. The absolute total c*nt. The phone company says they’ve put it in a display case at their HQ as the worst damaged phone they’ve ever seen.


my current phone came with a clear case so I’m using that

for some reason this phone is like a bar of soap - I’ve dropped it more than any other phone I’ve owned, plus its constantly sliding off the sofa and stuff. I’m amazed the screen isn’t cracked yet

One time I was looking at my phone while standing urinating in a cubicle in work.

I somehow started to drop the phone, and with genuine ninja reflexes, realised I wouldn’t catch it before it landed in the toilet, so I slammed the phone against the cubicle wall as it fell. The back came off and the battery flew out, but everything was fine. I was quite pleased with myself.


I was checking the time while DJing, to see how long before the next band was due on, and it slipped out of my hand, into a pint of ale. The old rice trick doesn’t work with beer. It had to be sent away to be cleaned out.

Smashed 2 screens on previous phones. One flew out of my pocket as I hit a speed bump at about 25mph on my bike. The other was smashed in a bike crash (slid out on a wet roundabout, phone in the pocket I landed on).

Nothing wrong with this phone so far touch wood

actually amazed I haven’t smashed a phone when coming off my bike tbh

My phone screen is fine but a) this is the second screen I’ve had after I smashed the first one and b) I now have some sort of bulletproof case that would probably even survive a nuclear apocalypse. I’ve dropped it maybe 10 times since I’ve had it and that case has earned its cash back, for sure.