Phone thread

my phone (Samsung Galaxy A3) is dangerously full

there’s almost nothing on it

how is this?

planning to buy a new phone outright sometime soon, what can i get for about £100-£150? just want it to do spotify/uber/social media at an acceptable speed

Android takes up nearly all the space with a bunch of things you probably never use. An SD card will help with storage for media, but still doesn’t solve the problem completely. Got no recommendations though I’m afraid, I bought a cheap phone and it is rubbish. Drives me mad on a daily basis.

New phones are really expensive now, huh?

I’ve got a Moto G4. It’s a few years old now, but I guess if you’re not wanting to spend much, then their latest version is the best bet for you.

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ive got a samsung something
hate the trend of all new phones being too big to use easily even with my meaty paws + none of them having menu buttons anymore

I need a new phone but CBA to organise it.

Oh, maybe not:

I’ve got the same phone as you wiggy. Smashed a 64GB SD card in there and I’ve had no trouble.

Moto G 4G over here, paid £170 outright and had it for 2 years so I think I’ve got my value out of it.

Sometimes it’s a bit slow and the camera is shite but expandable memory more than makes up for thar. Will consider replacing next year (maybe)

Consider a CyanogenMod rom on your A3 maybe to revive your A3 - YouTube or if you can stomach Apple, second hand 6S for another £30