Phones telling you how long it is going to take to get home


Fuck off mate, you don’t know me! Well you do but fuck off anyway.


I like it.

Not that useful though because the bottleneck is getting off the site and it doesn’t seem to track that.




“Moderate delays on the A10”

Haha, fuck you Google, I’m on the train!


My phone thinks its so clever but it says my house is the one that’s 5 doors down :smirk:


DiSer Arrested For Living In Other Person’s House for Several Years


That’s Jazzballet life, maaaan


yeah I’m not sure if I’ve ever told my phone where I live sooo…


My old phone did this but the OnePlus 3 doesn’t so I’m guessing I’ve got a sneaky privacy setting on.


“Moderate traffic in your area”


Both my phones tell me, the pricks! Including 1+3




whenever I go into a pub my phone asks me stuff like does this place have a cosy atmosphere? it’s a bit weird.

It probably knows im a functioning alcoholic