Photo Challenge Friday #1




Now we can use images inside threads, here’s the rules:

  1. ErryFriday, gonna set a general title for the challenge. You take a photo today that can address, resemble or mock that title in any way you like. Photoshop allowed but ‘real’ photographs encouraged. A mix of the two, fine.

  2. Anyone browsing the thread can like a photo they think is decent.

  3. On Saturday midday I’ll count up how many likes each photo received and put it on a bitchin spreadsheet

  4. In the last weekend of December, which ever user has the highest number of likes overall will be sent a suitably excellent photo-related Christmas present from me.

That’s it. Are you in? You’re probably just going to tell me to fuck off eh. NONETHELESS

This weeks theme will be:


Please commence.


Shit idea and loads of rules. Sign me up.


posts selfie


just post a photograph you took today about the theme, and you might win shit.


Might be easier to set the task on Friday, but judge it on Monday - that gives everyone the weekend to take photos.

Also, can we add a rule that the photo has to be taken after the theme is announced? One of the things that bugs me about photo competitions is people digging out old photographs from their library and using those.



Fine. You have until Monday 9am, and MUST use photos taken from the announcement of the theme onwards.


Excellent. Good initiative, xylo.


Fuckssake @marckee and @xylo … I was about to post a really bitchin’ picture of @shucks and just harvest the likes.


Miracles of nature


this photo, as per @marckee’s Law, is unfortunately not allowed. It is however excellent.


that’s just fucking funny :):):slight_smile:


fuck your rules, and fuck @marckee


What’s happening in this?


monkey > piss > mouth





That’s why I blurred it


Ah yes, I forgot I could click on the image.

Back of the class, saps.


:smiley: .