Photobombing Delivery Confirmation Photos (10+ replies thread. Rolling)

I’ve never done a popular rolling thread before, but here goes!

Post photos that you are inadvertently captured in, taken by delivery people who are confirming that a package delivery has been made. The DPD delivery service have my app of choice for these purposes.

This photo is from 18th May 2020:

And this photo is from today (23rd June 2020)

I’m sorry, I thought I had more photos. But I’m sure there will be more to come, especially when this thread takes off.

Oh wait, actually, I also have this photo from 20th May 2020, but I’m still pretty fuming as the delivery driver just left my package downstairs and took the photo there.


Fat chance. The useless fucking wazzocks can’t ever find us.

what is this i don’t understand


Dpd like to take a photo of a delivered parcel at the door of the property to prove it arrived. Sometimes people end up in these photos (a mate of mine a couple of weeks ago posed with his parcel before being told by the driver, that no, when she said she wanted a photo she meant just of the parcel itself at the door).

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My son’s sliders and a cheeky glimpse of my foot


This thread has delivered already, thank you!

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If you found that exciting, then check this out…

DPD driver Scott left this on my drive because I was doing some sawing and drilling. Nice glimpse of calf.


I wish I could like this twice.

I’ve given it a like on your behalf.

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I see loads of these when people deliver flowers and take a photo (in work), 80% of the time you get a good portion of the recipient’s shoes/shins. Filthy stuff.

I have no photos to contribute, but just before lockdown a delivery person buzzed the flat and I let them in. They then left a card in our letterbox saying they hadn’t been able to deliver because we were out. Who do you think buzzed you in???

I wouldn’t have minded so much if our flat wasn’t on the ground floor, less than 10m from the letterbox. If the delivery person had looked at the board directly in front of them when they came inside, they would have seen that our flat is just through a door on the right. It would have taken longer to fill out the card than to deliver.

I know this should be in the delivery outrage thread but I thought of it now and I’m not going looking for the other thread, I’m sorry (I’m not sorry).

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Thought there’d be some kind of awful disaster at first tbh

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