Photos of people enjoying mundane tasks far too much




He’s enjoying it so much he’s not even looking at the task at hand anymore, the reckless son of a bitch!




There’s also nowhere to leave it to dry. The madman!


I’m like this with any foodstuff tbf


“Phil, remember that time we price-checked that olive oil?”
“If only every day could create such wonderful memories.”



fucking prick.

(him not you)


I’m going with AC/DC…



this is the right level of enjoyment


I’d probably enjoy cutting the grass more if I had dungarees like those tbf



Enjoyability of mundane tasks

  1. washing up - easy, quick, nice warm water and bubbles 8/10
  2. mowing the lawn - pretty enjoyable and relaxing, can feel like you’ve achieved something 7/10
  3. washing clothes - just bunging stuff in a machine, easy peasy 6/10
  4. hoovering - pretty tedious and loud, always have to move stuff around to get it sorted 4/10
  5. ironing - really boring and only complete geniuses are good at it 3/10
  6. cleaning the bathroom - gross 2/10
  7. cleaning the oven - fuck off/10


I was enjoying standing in the garden way too much tbh


i don’t think cleaning the oven even counts as mundane. i think to be mundane a task has to happen reasonably often or be something that many people do often and well, nobody actually cleans the oven do they?


yeah you got me.


Just put it on ‘really hot’ and hope it burns the crud off. Clean!


once i hoovered the oven (baked potato exploded because i didn’t prick it [thought that was a myth]). this is the closest i’ve come to cleaning an oven