Photos of your musical life!

Another thread for keeping things tidy!

It would be fabulous/interesting to see pictures of people’s gigs, sessions, favourite instruments, studios, band mascots, tour vans, trashed hotel rooms, camel rides across the Mojave desert, brown m&m free riders etc!

Young stickboy in 2008 doing a Marc Riley 6 music session




This is me playing at a festival about a decade ago (until I freak out and take it down)


That is my favourite guitar ever, I’ve owned loads of other ones that I’ve subsequently ditched (mostly to pay rent) but I’ve had that since I was 14 and I still have it now. It is completely valueless other than to me, it’s a Squier affinity strat with ebay pickups I stuck in with tape, a scratchplate that doesn’t fit, and loads and loads of dinks all over it. I still use it now whenever I record or play anything.


Those are the best guitars, always. The priceless ones.

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This is me playing and recording drum tracks alone between Christmas and NY. It was a bit The Shining!


Where has the photo gone? Panic over I can see it now.

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The wildest gig I ever played in Athens. 6,000 people turned up to a 2-day event on the grounds of the mansion belonging to the ex-mayor of Athens (it has been squatted) which was a fundraiser for political prisoners and anti-fascist causes. I got to see my two favourite Greek punk bands who had come out of hiding to support the cause. It was just totally incredible.




That looks incredible!

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Wow, that looks pretty amazing


Never play the good ship!!!


first gig i ever played was there!


Performing in the interrelated arts theatre piece Incidental by Room Art at Warwick Arts Centre, Wednesday 4th October 2017.

Mid-set at the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre in Oxford, 21st December 2019 (supporting Lucy Leave).

Recording session with Max Doohan (Another Sky, Night Tapes) in April for a new album to be released this year…maybe.


Just seen you played Autistic Pride - I didn’t know such a thing existed but v cool!

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Very small thing in a park in Chester organised by Agony Autie, was a very nice day :blush:


Not the best picture but

Les Inrocks festival at La Cigalle in Paris (me in the middle sandwiched between the power couple)


I’ve been playing guitar for a few years, joined a mates band after he convinced me a could stand there, play one chord and look cool. He then got me playing more than one chord. Here’s a photo from a Halloween show we did a few years back in Chelmsford, probably my third ever gig in life. The bass player was on holiday. I’m the stripey tee shirt man.
Played my 7th gig on Sat night which someone filmed on their phone. Are vids allowed on this thread? I have a “look at me/please don’t ever ever look at me” mindset going on but could be cool to expose our very small town band to very critical ears/eyes. I think.


What an ace photo!


Cheers! I think the drummers girlfriend took it on her phone, she got quite a few goodies. At a venue called the Bassment in Chelmsford, has a very low ceiling!

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Ah it was the bassment, I was going to ask. You’re following in the footsteps of greatness there. Probably the best guitarist in the world used to play there every week! (Guthrie Govan)

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