Photoshop(/GIMP, lol) help me (4 colour risograph print)

DiS—I’m sure some of you are great at graphic design and similar.
If you have a little time to help me work out how to separate this image into colour layers that would work well as a 4 colour risograph print, I would be very grateful indeed.

I have a much, much larger copy on here but figured I’d upload a compressed one.

The print is for little postcards that’ll come with a d/l code for my friend’s EP, by the way.

PS anybody who lends a hand is obviously more than welcome to a print (and a pint if you live anywhere near me)

You could set the image mode to CMYK, then open the Channels panel. That’ll let you see each channel individually and let you copy and paste it into its own document. Then when you go to the printers, you can pick a colour for each one(?) I’ve not really done much Risograph printing.


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I mean that bottom one looks fucking rad


new plan is to isolate just the yellow channel and print that over a greyscale print of the rest of the image.
only because the EP is pretty miserable/minimal—I think that overlapping CMYK one would make for very good balaeric/deep house cover art

Nice. Hopefully the Photoshop Channels method will work for you. Gis’ a shout if not.

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you’re a good egg, CLMAO, if you want a print when they’re done PM me ur addy

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Heey BF!! Excellent print, love a bit of riso!!

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