Phrases from film and TV that you use regularly


“I just like to watch you guys” from The Room and “Idiots doing idiot things” from Archer, mostly. The latter was pretty much all that was going through my head whenever I served a customer.

Also whenever anyone says “Is it still raining?” I respond with “I hadn’t noticed.”


@ericthefourth only speaks in lines from Lord of the Rings films.


“Pretty Pretttttttttty Good”

“I’m helping”


‘well that’s the end of that chapter’


I didn’t realise there were so many burritos in LOTR.


“I’ve made a huge mistake”


“here’s tom with the weather”


@Ruffers (gandalf) and @ericthefourth (saruman) on their way home from the pub after a session with me


Much more likely he has to stop me going full scrappy doo on complete strangers tbh :confused:


:musical_note: “The weather outside is weather”



prefer this version.


If someone says something dramatic I add “…for an hour” at the end.

Can add this to the irking your partner thread as well


If we’re doing role playing I’m clearly Boromir
I care not


I say this quite a lot when I’m putting things places





I’m generic orc btw. maybe the ‘why can’t we have some mince’ guy.


always do the “Since you such a big fan of murder” from Hot Fuzz.


looks like burritos are back on the menu, boys