phrases that don't make sense

Throwin’ shit around, the whole place screwed up
Maybe I should call Mase so he could pray for us

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“the same, but worse!”

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“Don’t worry, there are plenty more fish in the sea”

Well no actually, due to years of massive overfishing, polution and distruction of huge areas of the sea bed the fish stocks are at a critically low level.


I had thought that about head over heels (arse over tit is much more fitting) but it hadn’t occurred to me that we are normally under the weather. I guess it means under more weather than usual.

“He who smelt it, dealt it”

Actually, my arse is behind me, with my nose being up front.

‘Slept like a baby last night’

So you woke up every 40 mins for food/comfort/ your teeth hurt. Oh and you pissed your pants and probably shat through them. Wicked.


Ha yes, the second verse.

When I was young and had lost something my mother always used to say “it’s always in the last place you look”, well yes obviously, I’m not going to continue looking once I’ve found it am I?

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Yeah it’s just the use ‘shit’ in the sense to mean ‘stuff’ not actual faeces.

Online there is a site that reckons it derives from the old method of checking if spaghetti was cooked, which was to throw a piece against the wall and see if it stuck.

This is something we actually did in the shared house my mum and I lived in when I was five or six. The ceiling of the kitchen had loads of pieces of spaghetti on it. (These were short-life terrace houses that were going to be demolished so the council rented them out for very little.)

Each model of the iPhone is both new and improved upon the design of the one before it. Unlike, say, a fridge where a new model is probably about the same as the previous one it’s just the new model.

“Same difference”

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Looking like the back end of a bus, what’s so bad about the back of bus? Like a bulldog chewing a wasp, fair enough, even though I think bulldogs are beautiful, but this one I don’t get

The front is nicer though isn’t it? The nice big window and all that. The back you get that big grill where the engine and maybe some snotty kids giving you the finger out the window.

It’s a weird one to pick though i’l g ive you that!

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When people say they’ve done “the lion’s share” of the work, believing it means they’ve done the most.

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is a pet hate of mine.

Given that many many illnesses and psychological traumas have significant lifelong consequences it seems incredibly trite.

“What doesn’t kill you can still fuck you up royally” would seem more apt.


It’s coming home


I think that’s the joke with this one


when lion’s are the one who laze around in the sun while the lionnesses (?) do most of the hunting right

I’d see that as in, a kill is made in the savannah. Lions get the tastiest and biggest bits, and once they’re done (and had the lion’s share), the hyenas/wild dogs/vultures come in and get the remainder. Gnaw the bones, wrestle over the bits of innards etc.


You can’t have your cake and eat it. What’s the point then?