Phrases unique to your household/friend group

Tell me what you call things and why, if you know why

Phrases as in descriptors for things or like, catchphrases/sayings as well?

Often say “I’ll phone the papers” in our house when someone says they’re going to the toilet / putting a wash on or some other mundane activity

EDIT realise this isn’t exactly what you mean sorry!!


Any time one of us wants to watch something on the telly and the other leaves the room it’s ‘enjoy your stories’, even if it’s sports or whatever. Not sure why


spithag - pronounced something like spivvvvvvagg - wiry person

bravvag - bottom warming

skeet - news

they’re not really my household centric as they’re manx words (spelt wrong by me) but no one really says any of them anymore


We call the TV remote the Doofer

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slammer or jammer - for a good tune. Think it came from some late night music video countdown a few years back

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Whatever you want. It came up in a thread at the weekend when were talking about sofa duvets/blankets. Someone (Keith I think) said they call that a holiday duvet, and someone else mentioned that they call theirs the muck rug.


Every time my fiance is going somewhere without me, I’ll say “say hello to everyone from me”.

Most often this is the gym.

It started as that phrase, but has now evolved into a series of friendships and relationships that I have with fictional people at her gym.

“Did Anouk get her tooth veneer done in the end? Don’t know why she bothered, her teeth looked fine” etc etc


So so so many.

We’ll say DEAR MUM when something is “nothing to write home about”

I’ll ask for “skin on skin” when I want him to give me a lil foot tickle/rub (non sexual)

Chickle = relaxing time

Pull the plug = gonna do something


I also call my shows my stories sometimes. I think i got it from it’s always sunny when Dee is having her baby and wants to watch her stories

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My partner and I call noodles “noods” because it sounds like “nudes” and therefore is funny

We also call broccoli florets “brocs” and use the plural “asparageese” for asparagus. We are very annoying.


Someone on here calls it ‘the gun’ and I still find it highly amusing.


Loads of embarrassing ones. “Spoily boys” for “spoilers” (used with friends also), but then with partner:
“playdacious” when the cat is in a playful mood,
“peetz” or “peetzy” for “pizza”,
referring to “beans” to mean energy so high energy is “beansy”, “beansed up” or “too many beans” while low energy is “out of beans” or “beansless”


I love this and will be stealing it


in my family an unfashionable colourful or aran jumper is known as a Cake Jumper

(i quite like jumpers like this now)


used the term latty fizzle in family whatsapp group today, twice

no one commented on it


On the whatsapp

Calling anyone that complains about anything a mard or mards
Giving out chufty badges
Bin - if anything is shite

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“This, I like”

Relatively new one:

Few of us were at Tate modern and had noticed a kid (about 10) who was clearly shockingly bored with being there. He eventually ended up right next to us, looked up at the painting we were stood by which was as a modernist painting with big boobs and a bum and abruptly said THIS I like.

Burst out laughing and he ran to his mum (feel a touch guilty about that) and now ‘this i like’ gets used constantly