Phrases unique to your household/friend group

On the whatsapp

Calling anyone that complains about anything a mard or mards
Giving out chufty badges
Bin - if anything is shite

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“This, I like”

Relatively new one:

Few of us were at Tate modern and had noticed a kid (about 10) who was clearly shockingly bored with being there. He eventually ended up right next to us, looked up at the painting we were stood by which was as a modernist painting with big boobs and a bum and abruptly said THIS I like.

Burst out laughing and he ran to his mum (feel a touch guilty about that) and now ‘this i like’ gets used constantly


‘pixellating morons’ - playing video games

Wor Lass’s whole family have a decent line in spoonerisms so a lot of our household names are due to them mis-pronouncing/ -words like ‘self of steam’ (self-esteem) and


This has automatically reminded me of ‘putting them on a pedal stool’


Family (unclear origin, probably just my da being a weirdo):

Thems / thems lil boys - the gerbils
Thems friends - seagulls
A bit of the old soixante-neuf - the number 69
Belly bounce - aggressively and repeatedly smack your belly on someone to ward them off

Friendship group:

Found dead / found alive - if something happens that a specified person won’t like, they are ‘found dead’. Vice versa ‘found alive’. For example if Keith announced that Labour were committing to move Parliament to Barnsley, someone might say “Keith’s moving Parliament to Barnsley, Pervo found alive”. This is from the Drag Race subreddit

Correct horse - if someone says something that is true you might respond with ‘correct horse’. Reference to a YouTube video of a horse playing a saxophone while the word CORRECT shows up multiple times

could be here all night with friendship nonsense tbh


was about to use the phrase “greengiver” in this post before realising it probably wasn’t something everyone said, like you know someone who gives you the greens

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omfg i was literally planning to post this today! Are we melding?! :smiley:

But why would I do this?

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Because you want to do the right thing


Had a thing going with former housemates where we called everything that we could according to this format, where e.g.
coke zeros → cokey zees
cheesy beans → cheesy bees
which caused great confusion one day when one housemate asked if we wanted anything from the shop and the other two of us asked for some “frozey pees” before having to phone her back to clarify that we wanted frozen pizzas and not, in fact, a bag of frozen peas.


pervo found dead

We like to say “dusht” in a very grave west of Ireland accent if something’s old, finished, broken, useless, missing etc

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“Oh tell it to the chief of police” a frequent response if one of us is moaning about something.

Coca cola has become ‘Cocahina’ for some reason.

“IT’S FLAVOURTOWN!” but only when we’re having something really dull like soup or toast.

“You’re welc” but I think that’s a KUWTK thing.


Two of the main things me and my atds say is a result of autocorrects: fayce and princessen.

Fayce started as a way of describing boys in bands that we fancied but we just use it whenever now, usually as an expression of frustration. “faaaayyyyyyyceee” etc

Princessen was someone in the group chat trying to tell us she loved us and we were princesses but it came out “you are princessen” and it’s just stuck ever since. I kinda want to get the word tattooed as a tribute to all of them one day. :relaxed:

Other things: “they can get out” or “they can ffffffffffffffuck off”, “don’t be a bitch all your life”


aah yes, because of me, the band I’m in do this

song called Wings of Stone, often referred to as Stings of Wone. Plan For The Future often called Flan For The 'puter and therefore random stuff spinning of those ideas.


‘Good Bowl, Nigel’, when someone let’s rip.

Derived from when playing cricket as kids, when one of the fielders, called Nigel, did said act; and one of the other fielders bellowed out said phrase to much merriment.

I’ll say it til i’m collecting a pension no doubt.


“Stick that in your POF profile”

A phrase used between myself and the tv/other half as a stock reply when either one of us mentions one of our own ‘attractive’ traits. e.g.
“I’m very thrifty you know” (“Stick that in your POF profile”)
“My toilet is always very clean” (“Stick that in your POF profile”)
“I haven’t shit myself in years” (“Stick that in your POF profile”)


Are you my office coffee machine?

(Those are reflected lights - it doesn’t have evil eyes.)


“You wanna let’s do it?” when someone suggests something, and ‘bread’ is nearly always said in a Southern American accent like ‘braayud’. Both because of this

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My parents call it the splodger

Comes from Noel Edmonds’ Telly Addicts doesn’t it? The big remote thing he used was the ‘hooferdoofer’.