Phrases unique to your household/friend group

Always thought I do my best work at Easter

refer to all coke, lemonade, fanta etc as just ‘fizzy’. This has now slipped into my mainstream vocabulary and say it to basically everyone, which to strangers makes me look like a large child.

I don’t know if a song counts as a phrase, but if Ms Marty or I are a little ripe after not showering in a timely manner, we will sing:

“I’ve got the stinkiest pits in Pittsburgh,
It’s a fact you can’t deny,
The stinkiest pits in Pittsburgh,
So stinky it’ll make you cry”.

Yes, we do actually sing this. It’s a nice little jazzy number.


Socks are “pignuts”

Me and M saw these tv adverts for a designer called Carlo Pignatelli (or something) which we thought quite naff and started calling naff style pignut. Then I got a pack of socks with some quite pignut picture on it and so socks are now pignuts


Sockson Pignutt


I’m currently reading Alex Horne’s book about inventing new words or phrases and trying to get them into the dictionary. Haven’t finished it yet, so no spoilers if you’ve read it.

It reminded me of when I worked in Borders, and I successfully managed to make everyone refer to one of the store rooms in the basement as ‘vanilla biscuits’ because I thought it smelt a bit like that on my first day.

“Where can I find more copies of The Last King of Scotland?”
“have a look in vanilla biscuits”

three months later, my boss “NicholasUrfe, can you have a do a stock check of vanilla biscuits to see if any of the DVDs can be put on the shelves”


This thread popping up again reminds me that I was watching the snooker a few weeks ago and one of the commentators said that in his house they called it ‘the buttons’ to which the other replied that in their house they call it ‘the blodger’. In my parents house we always called it ‘the zapper’, which I’d rank in between those two.

Have you read The Liar’s Dictionary?

We’ve got a new one of these since we moved, you can see all the big container ships go past our house and my mum got ‘container’ and ‘tanker’ mixed up to create ‘cantanker’ so now every day we’re like “OOH, BIG CANTANKER COMING!”

Steve wears thermal vests that he calls his motherfucker vests after Bruce Willis in Die Hard


I have not, but it sounds like my kind of thing. I’ve added to to my ‘Christmas reading list’ which is already too long to get through in the 10 days I have off but what the hell

TV always says “cup of tea bruce?” (My name is not Bruce) and we both managed to forget it was taken from the end of a White Stripes record for years but she’d still say it


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Remembered some words for this thread.

Woodlouse = rug mouse

(we do get them in the flat a lot and always spot them on m’s bright yellow rug, but this is coincidental to the name as it was just what she thought they were called when she was tiny)

Forehead = fortychonk

Love birds = Love Bert

Also, an ex used to say “hessy” for angry. Think it was something he made up or could be a Somerset thing but i still say this to m.


“I’ll see you Hans Christian”
(See you later->laters->Christian Slaters-I’ll see you Hans Christian)

Big night out has for decades been a “Rinse Out”

Anything that we consider to be good = “Sen & Sational” (which was my mates review of Coldplay’s X&Y

Multiple cups of tea = “Cup of Teas”

Got some really fucking niche stuff with a particular group of mates that I in no way have room to explain here.

Couple of things have stuck from words that my brother and I invented; décolletage area = a ‘hoft’, punch label maker = capo sivvin, arrangement of teddies = porsat (classic Saturday activity), stubble = raisins



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I love phrases. Couldn’t live without them, I think they define my personality. Some exhibits below:

A real shitkicker = a couple of quiet beers in a bar or friend’s place
Bumping their gums = speaking (stole this from Scotland)
The boop boop (car alarm deactivation noise) any key or pass device
Space wagon or whip = my car
A shralp = going for a skate (haven’t in years)
A crucial tune = a good song
Brushing my fangs = cleaning my teeth

Will add more over time, because I don’t like forgetting them.

I also used to state an opinion, then the other person agrees, and then I say “yeah same” but I think that was always to wind up my partner

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My mum used to ask me to “twiddle her hair” when I was little kid (just give a little head massage). I’ve never heard anyone else say this.