phrases where you accidentally change a word

i have a massive tendency to do this and hope it’s not a sign of me losing my marbles.

for example, i just wrote an email to someone where i said ‘taking travel out of the agenda, things were a lot easier’

a split second after i sent it i realised i meant ‘taking travel out of the equation’.

and yet the original still sorta makes sense. do you do this? best examples?

Regularly call knives forks and vice versa. Other stuff along these lines. I really hate the way I talk.

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I often say left when I mean right for some reason

I used to say “prenium” instead of “premium”


My sister always says ‘progidy’ and ‘tradegy’, which irritates the hell out of as if she can say one wrong she can say the other one right! If that makes sense!

I have trouble with this type of thing. Especially with meals, body parts and colours. Cannot for the life of me say purple when I mean purple (mostly orange instead).

Get so much casual mocking for it, but it is actually quite distressing sometimes :frowning:


A solidarity like here… There’s someone at work who seems to take great joy in correcting me when I get my words mixed up! Shut up, coworker!

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Don’t have any pacific examples of this, I’m afraid.

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i often get hot and cold mixed up

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my mum says fieth instead of thief

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I often say opaque when i mean transparent

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I dont actually do this

This sort of thing gets right up my goat