Phrases you like

Ant loves

I love when something is too expensive, like a taxi and you (or anyone really) says “i don’t want to buy to whole taxi.”

What phrases do you like?


Really digging “in and of itself” at the minute

Pointing to something and saying “there it isn’t” if somebody is looking for something

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Proper dad joke, when explaining directions:
“do you know the bakery in town?”
“well, it’s not there!!!”


No harm to her


That’s the waaaaaay the news goes.


are you friends with balonz irl?


if only

oh it’s hilarious for you guys, i’ve heard it about a million times

miss fopp (if I can call her that) uses that phrase a lot and I’ve picked it up from her

‘follow your nose’ even though it annoys me when people have said it to me

tickerty boo
A stich in time
Christ alive!

What a palaver

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Just ones I’ve nicked off stuff and are so dominant in my head that they come out a inappropriate times.

On Sunday I was explaining to my four year old what I meant by “the moon on a stick”.

I also say “As useless as a marzipan dildo” far too regularly. Thanks Malcolm Tucker.

Oh. “That’s the cat’s pyjamas”. Love that.

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I think I’ve been using “my giddy aunt” lately


Got a mate who used to work in an old man pub and was so slow and bad at pulling pints that all the old men called him Turbo. Great bants.


This reminds me of my Gran along with “Stone the crows!” and “Will you dry up!”

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Watched In The Loop last night (again). Apart from the jarring of regular characters being all named differently, I have been saying “fuckity bye” a bit today with the ATDs

‘Do we have to grind those beans again?’

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