Phrases you regularly use that aren't part of the English language



Not you as in the hypothetical you, I mean you motherfucker, YOU.

¡Ay, caramba!


Comme ci, comme ça


Do you pronounce it correctly or say Commy sea commy sah?


I say ‘vamanos mija’ about 25 times a day to Jnr in a bid to magically make her bilingual despite not using any other spanish at all.


Ma prononciation est parfait, em huit.





¿Donde esta la biblioteca?


Lots of Irish and Ulster scots ones.
e.g. Cowp.


cerrado debido a tories.


c’est la vie


Iechyd da !


occasionally a go raibh maith agat might get thrown in


Après moi, le déluge


Say you will, say you won’t
Say you’ll do what I don’t


cade mar ata tu?


Guten morgen/tag

NO idea why.

And nonsense ones I say to my class of 7 yr olds:

Whoopsumdadas - roughly translates as ‘you fucked this up’. Never had to write it down before, so sp?
Flotsamboobaa - roughly translates as thing that I’m pointing at (stapler/text book/ruler/child…)

Any other teachers have weird nonsense words that they’ve fallen into using?


tá mé go maith

(i always have to google where the fadas go)


Hup Holland hup


C’est la viewtopic.php


I dont even bother when typing. Flipping keyboard dark arts!