Phrases you've started rolling out


During the long and winding road of house views with subhuman scum/estate agents I started using the phrase “well, certainly some food for thought” at the end of a viewing, regardless of my interest. Usually with both hands on hips (sassy), staring into middle distance and nodding.
Was mainly for the entertainment of my wife after she pulled me up for using it once and called me a dickhead. But gonna keep it up.

Any phrases you’re rolling out? Please, feel free to put them below!


Been trying to make ‘bozo’ stick on here a bit in recent days.


Rereading asoiaf and have started calling things/people comely or homely


Recently been saying “had your adenoids” out thanks to jordan
Also just general nonsense like that’s the way the cookie decays and stuff


Read on Twitter yesterday that the Polish like to say, “not my circus, not my monkey” instead of “not my problem.” Going to try that out at the earliest available opportunity.


Comely works written down, but when you say it, it just sounds a bit like filth…

EDIT: ‘you’ generally, I don’t mean I specifically eavesdrop on JB saying it.


I think if you called someone homely to their face they’d be about 50% likely to burst into tears on the spot


My mum’s native language is Spanish and in the 25+ years she’s lived in England plus time in other English-speaking countries she’s not learned* that you can’t just directly translate Spanish phrases into English and expect people to understand what you’re talking about.

One of her favourites is “when I was a virgin”, which she cracks out when talking about something she did when she was a girl.

*Although sometimes I’m pretty sure she knows and just does it for the bantz


I think I’ve used a variation of the phrase “to wet ones beak” more times in the past two months than I ever have in my life. I’ve used it twice today already.



does she ever talk about priests on mountains of sugar?


Tried to bring back “simples!” on the old board, which went well for a day, maybe two before I lost interest. Might give it another go.


Quite fond of saying ‘my eye’ grandpa Simpson style


Spent a couple of years now trying to get people to say “Dr Pepper” to mean “what’s the worst that could happen”. The TV will say it sometimes but its not caught on more widely.


keep it up


quite partial to a ‘nuncle’ for a while after finishing a asoiaf book


I’ve been calling the TV a bozo for the past week or two. It’s a good word.


How’s it going down?


Mostly the word “alas”, which works well in all kinds of situations. I’ve used it so much recently that colleagues and friends have started saying it accidentally and then shouting at me.


“My challenge to that is…”

I’ve started saying this at work as a diplomatic way of saying “You’re talking nothing but bollocks, old friend.”