physical health thread ftsb: joints

how are your joints?

posting because my right shoulder has a niggly pain in it today, and upon trying to move it about, it made all sorts of sounds

it’s been like this for years, but this is the first time I noticed in ages. loud and quite jarring with certain motions. any tips for dealing with this?

also my right big toe cracks sometimes. like, perhaps after exercise, it’ll crack whenever I move it. hate it. I think maybe I broke twenty years ago.

oh and my ankles both seem fucked. anyone ever had bad ankles sorted out?

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Knees are fucked. Last time I went to the doctor to try to figure it out they wanted a stool sample, if that gives you an idea of how fucked they are

All fucked. Am on tablets every day to keep the gout away and apparently I have it as a chronic joint condition according to a rheumatologist. Also have a big bursitis lump on my elbow that’s too solid to be drained with a needle

shoulders, fingers, knees, hips, toes, ankles, neck, spine, I am NOT looking forward to old age

I’ve got osgood schlatters on my left knee, and it hurts gor a while from time to time. Also had a Baker’s Cyst on it 10 years ago, after twisting it playing Badminton, and it’s never felt the same since. Other than that they’re all seemingly ok. Gotta keep 'em stretched and flexed though.

Other answer: I backroll them, because I find it easier.

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Bad fingers bad knee bad ankle, idk what life will be like when im older