Physical singles top 100

Did you know there’s still a physical singles chart?

Absolutely fascinating. Prodigy at number 1. Pye Audio Corner in the top 10. The Besnard Lakes at 25, two places above Wannabee by the Spice Girls.

Would love to see the actual number of sales involved here.


Look at how many have been at no. 1 as well! Bizarre!

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Weird list.
There is no physical single of Kyoto by Phoebe Bridgers for example.

Yes Billy Idol!

Reckon if we made a DiS song, made a cd/cassette and had a chart registered shop sell it that we could get to Number 1 in that chart easy!

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the real quiz

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So interesting!

A little insight into numbers of sales involved from what I know of the Mozart Estate one at number 6 in the charts. This is by Lawrence (of Felt, Denim, etc) under his new moniker. This single was released as a limited run of 500 10" singles on 4th November, and I don’t think there were any other physical formats. It doesn’t seem to have totally sold out (Juno and Rough Trade are saying ‘in stock’) so something less than 500 sales to get to number 6!


Excellent insight, thank you.

Conceivable that the stuff down towards 100 has only a handful of sales, isn’t it?

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Assume it’s that Copycat Killers vinyl, it’s the lead track on that.

Which came out two years ago, so tells you the number of sales likely involved!

Good to see ol’ Bill Oddie at number 13

That cigarettes after sex track is quite old I reckon. Proabbly only 20 sales

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