Piano Music



What’s your favourite song involving a piano? Or piano album. Or both.

Song: ‘La Mer’ by Nine Inch Nails (says the guy with the NIN tee in his avatar!)
Album: Back Into the Woods by Ed Harcourt or Knives Don’t Have Your Back by Emily Haines (yeah, I know, I released them both. That’s how much I like them!)

p.s. we have a special Piano Day video from Erased Tapes up on DiS today http://drownedinsound.com/news/4150379-piano-day-exclusive-1--a-short-film - did any of you goto any Piano Day events last year?


Peace Piece - Bill Evans

can’t link a vid unfortunately. theo?


The one that always comes to mind is:


Layla - Derek and the Dominos


Alladin Sane - David Bowie


Forget the Past by The Irrepressibles


Definitely my favourite piano album by a nun


Album:Moon face - Julia With Blue Jeans On


Nils Frahm - Says

Just an astounding piece of music.


Generally into the minimal stuff, in the vein of Eric Satie. Absolutely love Goldmund (Helios, Keith Kenniff etc) and his album the Malady of Elegance. Just beautiful, and a great lp to relax to:


I pretty much love everything he comes up with.

Otherwise, enjoy the Sakamoto stuff he did with Fennesz, both of those albums are nice. Also enjoy the ambient eno stuff (Music for airports in particular is amazing.

Love the more chilled stuff Nils Frahm does also, solo is a lovely lp.


could pick a 1000 tracks but in the spirit of it.

Brambles - In The Androgynous Dark


Big fan of this.


Can’t believe he had the audacity to rip off Kanye (:wink:) but it’s still a nice tune.




Another belter


Ah one more, seeing as though I’ve got this track in tattoo form.

Kashiwa Daisuke - April 02


The whole Dead Texan album is great, but here’s a highlight:


Also this Plaistow track is a rumbling banger from last year:


Don’t forget about ol’ Tim


And in a similar vein: