Pick a band's best live album


i listened to Nirvana live at the paramount yesterday and it was amazing, probably the best live nirvana set I’ve heard. Kurt’s voice sounds amazing. Shame the accompanying video is out of sync

pls nominate a band and tell us their best live recording. Must be a legit release and not a bootleg, and no boring stories about the time you saw a band and how that was really their best performance tbh!!!111

obligatory joke response:
Live - Throwing Copper


Also failed to appreciate until my adult years what a beast D. Grohl is on the drums


Bit off topic but there is a channel on YouTube called the observer, it is some guy who knew kurt back in the day and so it is just a channel of this guy giving anecdotes, like several updates a day, ridiculous amount of content,it is simultaneously really interesting but also quite depressing to see this guy so so living in his past


think this is my fav Dylan live album:

the electric ones are great too but there’s a certain magic to him on his own with an acoustic guitar rattling through song after song.


Stop making sense


Neil Young Live at Massey Hall 1971

Pretty much perfect solo renditions of some of my favourite NY tracks.


Siouxsie & the Banshees — Nocturne


Also, Kiss — Alive


Pink Floyd

  • Ummagumma Disc 1
  • Live at Pompeii
  • Delicate Sound of Thunder
  • Pulse
  • Nerd option
  • I’ve yet to come to my midlife crisis

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not sure i’ve even heard the others but live at pompeii is so good that i can’t see how they’d top it


No argument here ma man, fucking brilliant.
Also rollin thunder review is fucking greatfor somethjng very different! :+1:


Coheed and Cambria - Live at Starland Ballroom

they were on fire here, looks so fun


I am really not into live albums, not even of musicians that I like. If I am actually at the concert, I don’t mind hearing the noise from the crowd, the ad libs from the performers, etc.; it’s all part of the experience. For listening at home, though, give me the quality controlled studio product any day.


thanks for the info


Future of the Left - Last Night I Saved Her From Vampires


I was there for that!


:smiley: Me too! Cracking gig.


new one is better recorded but doesn’t reach the same levels of absolute bants.

i do like how they left all the mistakes on both though.


Live Seeds.

The Mercy Seat performed live on that album is Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds best work.


Babylon Zoo - Live in Space, man.