Pick One Food Item

Now this is an absolute classic of a generic DiS thread, but see if I care.

Pick your favourite of each of the following categories. One only, anyone doing anything else gets an instant ban.

  1. Soft drink
  2. Alcoholic drink (non drinkers can have a second soft or hot drink)
  3. Hot drink
  4. Chocolate bar
  5. Bag of crisps
  6. Pizza
  7. Curry
  8. Supermarket sandwich or subway order
  9. Ice cream flavour
  10. Individual ice lolly/cream snack

Let’s see who has the best/worst taste

  1. Kas
  2. Estrella Galicia (beer)
  3. Hot chocolate
  4. Milky Bar
  5. McCoys cheddar n onion
  6. Vege deluxe
  7. Butter chicken
  8. foot long italian bmt with all salad except cucumber. ketchup and toasted
  9. fior di latte
  10. fab
  1. Dr Pepper zero
  2. Some craft beer nonsense
  3. Coffee
  4. Topic
  5. Roast Beef and Mustard Brannigans
  6. Tuna, Pineapple and Black Olive
  7. Beef madras
  8. Chicken & avocado
  9. Vanilla
  10. White choc magnum
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  1. Irn Bru Extra
  2. Cocktail, maybe Pina Colada
  3. Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows
  4. Twix
  5. Sweet chilli and sour cream kettles
  6. Texas bbq
  7. Chasni Paneer
  8. Celery cheese and cream cheese
  9. Raspberry ripple
  10. Fab
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Tony Chocolonely Dark Chocolate and Pretzel
The most acidic sharp salt and vinegar I can find
Italian sausage
Chicken Jalfrezi
Chicken Pizziola with lettuce, red onion, jalapenos and hot chili sauce
Netflix and Chilled Ben and Jerrys
Snickers Ice Cream

Flat white
WispA gold
Monster munch flamin hot
Ham and mushroom
Lamb dopiaza
Dunno, Xmas turkey and stuffing

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It’s really good

  • Fizzy water (bring it, fuckers)
  • Probably a nice sour beer
  • Twinnings Tumeric & orange tea
  • Can I have a bag of Flipz instead please?
  • Tyrells veg crisps
  • The Jon Bon Chovy from Sodo
  • The black daal from Dishoom
  • Salmon & cream cheese
  • Pistachio
  • Mars ice cream
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Allowed, but only because I feel sad for you because of your other selections

  • Soft drink:Dishoom mango and fennel lassi
  • Alcoholic drink: Bas Armagnac 25 Years Old
  • Hot drink: flat white from LMNH
  • Chocolate bar: Paul A Young 65% Madagascar Criollo with orange and mandarin 50g bar
  • Bag of crisps: Walkers cheese & onion crips
  • Pizza: fiorentina from Pizza Union (currently closed)
  • Curry: black dhal from Dishoom
  • Supermarket sandwich or subway order: lol
  • Ice cream flavour: Madagascan Vanilla
  • Individual ice lolly/cream snack: Magnum Mini Classic
  • Soft drink - Coca Cola OG Redcan
  • Alcoholic drink -pint of hoppy ipa type wanker beer, no more than 6.5%
  • Hot drink - V60 coffee (black), Clipper tea (with milk) DONT MAKE ME CHOOSE
  • Chocolate bar Big Twix
  • Bag of crisps. Those walkers popadom ones, either flavour.
  • Pizza - fave supermarket one is the sainos taste the difference with salami and artichoke and olives
  • Curry - chiken chilli balti if it’s from a local Indian
  • Supermarket sandwich or subway order - the nice sainos ham hock and cheddar one.
  • Ice cream flavour - chocolate
  • Individual ice lolly/cream snack - Magnum Caramel


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Then don’t make me choose goddamit!

  1. Orange juice
  2. Red wine
  3. Black coffee, 1 sugar
  4. the 75% dark lindt
  5. Kettle light salted
  6. Margherita (ve) but with chilli if poss
  7. Veg Vindaloo YES THAT’S RIGHT
  8. n/a
  9. Pistachio
  10. Dunno, one of those frozen lemonades probably
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  1. root beer
  2. dunkel weiss
  3. cafe macchiato
  4. reese’s cup
  5. steak mccoys
  6. ham & mushroom
  7. lamb rogan josh
  8. subway melt
  9. mint choc chip
  10. maxibon

Orange squash with fizzy water
A Henry
Coffee, instant with a splash of milk
Cadbury’s fruit and nut
Prawn cocktail walkers
Mushrooms and black olives
A vegetable masala and you can all shut up before you start
Hmm. Some sort of veggie wrap I think. Maybe falafel
Mint! Choc! Chip!
White chocolate magnum please. Or a zzapp if it’s an ice cream van

Thank you and yes I am very boring x

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Chocolate milk
Apple and mango juice
Toffee crisp
Monster munch pickled onion
The mildest thing on the menu
Cheese and pickle? Dunno haven’t eaten a sandwhich in so long
Mint choc chip
Mars ice cream

? This rhyming slang for something? Henry 8th, fermented grapes? Is it wine?