Pick one of your favourite artists - and then a release of theirs you've skipped

And then have a think why, or what made you, and then maybe go and listen to it. See what you think.

For me - it is Mogwai and Rock Action.

I think subliminally I consider it a lesser release as a younger person discovering them - it was the album after I fell in love and it was “too short” so I skipped it. Then the consensus has been that it was a bit weak.

But boy, is it not. It seems like an encapsulation of everything I rate highly about Mogwai.

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Just on Rock Action for the time being: It’s my favourite Mogwai album.

Also Mogwai, haven’t listened to any of their remix albums, if that counts.

My view of Rock Action is about the same as your initial one - there’s a couple of good songs on it, but after what felt like a big gap after CODY, it felt very insubstantial and casually thrown together. I revisit it occasionally but don’t feel any differently about it.

I came here to say Rock Action. I’d got gotten into dance music before it came out and it was just to dull and chilled out for me.

Yup. I was wrong and it was amazing seeing Gruff singing Dial: Revenge with them a few years ago. :smiley: