Pick only 3 pills

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We chose the same ones Funko

I’d be a super villain

Can do a lot with perfect health and unlimited money both good and evil


We are now legally married.

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Boy, I wish I knew where this pharmacy is located!


All sound rubbish, 3 pingers will be fine thanks


See, you’d think I’d choose speak to deceased loved ones but it was between that and bigger tits, so


It’s in Hull.

Oh, won’t bother in that case…


Yeah nobody wants to go to Hull, that’s why they’ve put it there.

I’ll have a xanax, an ecstasy and I guess a berroca for good luck. Citalopram if any of the others aren’t available.

I guess I’d do unlimited money to reshape the world, and rely on super intelligence for the rest. Talk to dead people because will be good to annoy them from beyond the void.

I’d do it to buy sweets.


If I started out with this aim I’d have ended up dissolving the shop and the sweet company within the hour

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Two blue ghosts and a speckled moon please.

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Maybe you can usee your bew giant crystal boobss to… yknow what i should stop

I bet this superpower dealer always says he’ll be 5 minutes too


I wish I knew what was in those rectangular pills we got once. They were the same colour as pencil erasers, only tiny. I was fucking demented off one for about twelve hours. The sheer value for money.


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That’s the choose/keep your body type pill