Pick only 3 pills

I very nearly didn’t keep my body, I came to on a roof, woken only by the dawn. 10/10, would recommend to a friend.

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I had the grey punishers the other week took ages to kick in but I was completely off my nut for hours.

Highly recommend

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Taking lots of pills isn’t as much fun as you’d think

This is now the Garys thread.


alright mr calpol

Just looked these up.
Just do half :grinning::grinning:


see how you get on

Well I’ve still got half of one left actually.

Got prescribed yet more this morning. Still a bit grumpy about it

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I feel like this is supposed to be a hard to choose because you are meant to want all of these things. But I had a hard time getting to 3 that I would want.


I know, I’ve already got super strength too.


I picked 5 as a self own

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Citalopram, propanolol and ibuprofen

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This is an incredibly good recipe for just sitting down for a bit.

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I had 2 x 5htp, 2 x decaffeinated green tea extract and a Berroca earlier. A fucking lethal cocktail (didn’t do anything)