Pickled eggs in pubs



Ever seen anyone buy one?


Yeah @barleysugar got one and it came in a rubber cupcake holder


Do pubs still do them? Thought they went the way of stale cigarette smoke and soft porn scratchings long ago.


Had one once for a bet. Wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be, but have near bought one since.


Mine came in a paper buncase thing.


i only ever see them in CAMRA-commended pubs these days


In a pub now and theres a jar behind the bar. I wonder how long theyve been there


Theres a pub in Wakey, definitely not CAMRA approved, does pickled eggs AND peperami. Once won 5 quid on the quizzer and the winniing answer was No One Else (the weezer song)


They’ve made a comeback, like those pint glasses with handles.


even the proper old men pubs just do nuts and pork scratchings these days

might have to check with my uncle, who being an actual old man with gout that frequents said pubs should be an expert.



Yes. Mate of mine at uni ate one for bet. Not great, unsurprisingly.


There used to be one in Wakefield that had a signed photo of Dennis Waterman and served ploughmans lunch sandwiches in a packet


I bet a bowl of pickled onions would sell alright


if only every bar was stacked with lukewarm bowls of pickled onions covered in cling film


You sneer but just you wait till it comes in, wont be able to move for brine


can’t imagine the twin flavours of boiled egg and pickle juice go particularly well together


or the texture


Or the smell. Bet they smell


can we have a thread where people who have paid £15(+) for either of these

let us know 1) why and 2) what they were like