Pickled eggs



Someone expressed shock and disgust at my buying a pickled egg in the pub the other day. Another friend called me a monster for liking them. I thought everyone ate pickled eggs?

What say you?

  • Yes of course I eat them, they’re delicious
  • No, I’m an idiot

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They are fine.


Don’t think I’ve ever had, but I’d give it a go to be sure.


How have people never tried them? Never been to a chippy?


They give me heartburn.


also never had one
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  • fried
  • poached
  • boiled
  • scrambled
  • devilled
  • pickled
  • baked
  • roasted
  • mulled
  • benedicted
  • shut up

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with a chippy: yes
in the pub: fuck is wrong with you


There’s loads of stuff I’ve never tried at a chippy. Never eaten a Pukka Pie from a chippy, either.

How long do you reckon a jar of pickled eggs lasts at a chippy?

Chippy chippy chippy




Really want :fish: and :fries: now


reckon they keep the same jar for many many years and just keep chucking eggs in it. you might get an egg that’s been floating about in there for like 4 years


Do you still have to take the shell off a pickled egg or can you just eat it whole? Or are they shelled when they’re in the big jar?


Had one from the chippy about a year ago.

I would describe it as fine. Not horrible, not particularly nice. Just fine.


option for ‘roasted’ but not ‘omeletted’?



  • Onions
  • Gherkins
  • Eggs
  • Walnuts
  • Rec Cabbage
  • Mixed
  • Piccalilli

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heh ‘rec’