Pickling! (Pickleing?) you know? Involving the bum?

Anyone done any pickling this year?
I tried to get into pickling stuff this year but I didn’t actually manage any.Where do you buy little cuces to make into pickles?

Yesterday I pickled some red onions. They’re already good and still a little crunchy. I swear i could drink that sweet pickle juice every day.

Anyone enjoyed a pickleback this christmas season?

I’m choosing to interpret this as being some kind of sexual act, likely involving the bum.

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I don’t mean to steal his thunder but @thewarn is on the pickle!



Gherkins are the one for me

Aye, Mrs Underscore Iron has made some apple, pear and ??? chutney and some caramelised red onion business too. S’good.

I pickle some carrots and cucumbers when making dinner sometimes. Does this count?

Yeah. Quick pick.


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I made some piccalilli and then threw it away several months later


Pickled red onions are nice. So so pink.

I’ve got nowhere to go now have I. Should’ve started off small and worked my way up :thinking:

Pickling always seems like too much hassle given how cheaply available pickled things are.

I have eaten a lot of these this year. Half the bag is a good serving for one person, fuck this whole plate with four on at a restaurant business:

Preferably served with this soy/rice vinegar/sesame combo sauce:

Yeah this is what these are! They’re luminous pink.

something about penis’ and bumholes being free

Done some of those for some Mexican beef dinner. They add quite a lot and look cool too.

pickling some shallots. Should be ready when we return home on boxing day evening.


This is purely so when someone asks if there are any more you can say “no, that’s shallot!!”, isn’t it?

I’m onto you.

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i love kimchi

and i always have pickled onions for breakfast on christmas morning