Picky/fussy eating #ssp


I hate egg which people enjoy winding me up about. And avacados.

Apart from that, I’m pretty open to most things - adore strong, and often spicy flavours.

Except the time when I was on meds, and also when I had mono for 6 months - all I wanted to eat was Mac and cheese, pizza and ice cream.

For me I get into habits. When I’m on a healthy run, it’s really soul destroying for about a week but then suddenly becomes fairly easy to maintain. Think this is true for lots of people, so worth baring in mind when you struggle with a diet change.

Have a major major weakness for takeaways which will always be with me though.


I don’t like avocado either :fist:


just green mush isn’t it


It’s always so cold too. I hate touching it.


It’s totally fair that you did imo. I was unpleasant and I hold my hand up to it. My interactions on this and the last boards have definitely improved me as a human being and I hope I’ve not just taken from people in the process.


I WON’T eat aubergine!!


oh sophiacherry felt patronised by a post I made :frowning: that’s not good

don’t like my tone in that thread, really

I mean, I was trying to be understanding I think, because I didn’t eat a lot of stuff as a kid and still had a big aversion to eggs myself.

but I think my line of comment was something like, “it’s not people’s fault that they have weird eating habits”, as if people should even have to have an excuse for their preferences.


I don’t feel ashamed at anything I posted in that thread.


that’s your business


I used to ^this posts all the time on the old boards, when they weren’t limited and were unambiguous in their meaning.


I don’t think anyone’s saying you should be

If you’re totally ok repeatedly jumping in to tell women what words they’re allowed to use to describe their diets, and don’t see why that makes you look like a patronising dickhead, then fine.

It’s great when people eat less meat an animal products,
and I’m not going to criticise anyone for doing that, but you can’t call yourself a vegetarian if you’re not 100% vegetarian.

marckee | 4 Jul '13, 13:48


I am a pescatarian (EWEOOGTA branch), and if people can’t respect that, then they better get ready to be eaten alive!!1


Yeah didnt cover myself in glory there at all. Do just sorta not see the point in identifying as something if you wilfully plan not to follow that in the immediate future though. Knew a lot of people back then that wore veganism as some kind of punk badge of honour that would immediately abandon it the second they got suitably wrecked.


but I do wilfully follow a vegetarian diet, and said that in that thread. it’s weird that literally dozens of the guys on here thought it was important for them to chip in and mansplain vegetarianism to me despite me having been a vegetarian since I was in primary school.

you were still making really tedious points @ me like this (sorry):

that moussaka is vegetarian though
on account of it doesn’t eat meat occasionally

ethricdouble| 4 Jul '13, 14:54


I would, and do, say the same to men as well, and I’m totally okay with that.


wait, so you do see why it’s really patronising and none of your business?


Hey everyone, could we keep the beeves to a minimum in here? I did say #ssp and it would be nice if people could feel ok about posting here regardless of what might have been in the past. Thanks.


I’m sorry ghostpony

I’ll leave the thread. I’m clearly not over how much it’s affected me getting such a hugely disproportionate level of stick from men on here for years. it’s impossible to read old threads without getting upset.

not marckee or the people mentioned here but sometimes I wish some of the guys on here knew what a negative impact they’ve had on my mental health. I should probably have just stopped posting on here years ago.