Picky tea

Do you enjoy a picky tea? I do.
Might have a picky tea tonight in fact.
I like meals that are lots of small snacks, both hot and cold.

What’s your picky tea combo?


Never ever heard it called this before 26th December 2021

No idea what I called it before though

I mostly like pork pies


Oh? I think I’ve always called it this cause my mum did. V mum language innit.

“What’s for tea mum?”
“Picky bits!”



cheap supermarket onion rings are a must have. possibly a quiche. pickled onions. egg.

reading this back it sounds deranged


I had never heard of this until recently and still don’t really understand what it is


We’re having a buffet tea this evening.

That’s the same thing, right?


It doesn’t, it sounds great! Never had onion rings with a picky tea. We talking the crisps yeah? Wouldn’t say no!

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I guess so, yeah!

Mini pork pie
Quiche (warm)
Bit of cheese Cheese (something like cheddar or conte)
Prawns and mayo
Very specifically plum cherry tomatoes
Pickled onions

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We called this “a plate” when I was a kid. Would be some cheese, some tomatoes, some meats, maybe cornichon, coleslaw etc

Caused much amusement when I tried to ask for something similar at a friends house and just got handed an empty dish


Classic! Warm quiche is often integral to a picky tea. Alas I have none and unless I can be jiggered to make one (unlikely), I’ll substitute with warm falafel instead.

Your picky tea sounds marvellous. Wotsits a wild card but I respect it!

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Another vote for buffet. Do enjoy it but it very much hangs on the range and quality of condiments. A good chutney, something spicy, a nice mustard, ketchup - the actual foods themselves not that fussy.

I like it but the thought having to choose stuff for it fills me with dread. Hard enough to decide what to have for tea normally, dont want make it harder by having to choose 10 things

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Ketchup with a picky tea! I’ve heard it all now

I find it less pressure tbf, cause if one or two bits are a slight let down you’ve got others to make up for it

Would you not include sausage rolls and cocktail sausages within a picky tea?

One of the best things about being a grown up, being able to just do this on a whim. Ideally will include:

Part baked baguettes
Cocktail sausages (cook them in maple syrup & mustard if I cba)
Cocktail sausage rolls
At least 2 different cheeses
Italian meats selection
Olives (for Mrs F)
Pickled onions
Pickled egg (for me)
Chutney of some kind
Quiche (heated, we’re not criminals)
At least 3 kinds of crisp/maize snack
One or more of those little buckets of flapjack bites or shortbreads or whatever


M&S is clearly the king of the picky tea suppliers.


I would!! Absolutely! But I don’t ketchup them I’m afraid.


Knew you’d be on board with this funky. God bless you and your picky tea!

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