Picnic Thread

It’s raining and overcast here.

Are you a big picnicker (sp)?

Tell me about your picnic set up.

Hilarious picnic related anecdotes can also be filed here.

Do you remember the picnic advert that was done to the tune of my coo ca choo?

Course you do.

The family CCB are big on picnics. Not sure if it’s going to make for a very interesting post, though!

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Love Picnic bars, don’t see enough of em these days IMO

Not really into eating outdoors.

I don’t think so.

I’m a google it.

Nah, 2013? I wasn’t watching live TV anymore by then.

This is classic Grumpy Old Man territory, isn’t it?

Ants! Warm drinks! Wasps! Dog shit! What happened to picnics how they used to be!

Set up a topless darts league in your living room?

They’re good if it’s an opportunity to catch up with people, but I’d rather have a packed lunch and go on a hike.


Lovely stuff

Last “picnic” we had was just eating some Quorn scotch eggs and Quorn cocktail sausages on a blanket, it lasted about eight minutes. Pointless really.

remember that advert where james martin’s going on a picnic and he hollows out a loaf of bread and stuffs a load of shit in it instead of making normal sandwiches? what a cunt

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You know me.

You lunatic. It’s great.

Plus you’ve got a blanket for rolling around on with someone afterwards.

Cheese straws and jammy dodgers all over your back.


Can I not just sneak my jammy dodgers into a nice, indoor pub and surreptitiously eat them in the toilets like a normal person?

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Our typical picnic set-up:

Picnic rug
Plastic plates
Cool-bag rucksack

Typical Food
Spanish deli meat
sliced cheese
box of chopped veg (mrs CCB does this)
bag of kettle chips or similar
pork pies
punnet of strawberries
some kind of biscuit that’s not going to melt in the heat
juice (not gourd)

Sometimes (especially in early season) we’ll have what we call “picnic plus” - which involves substituting the kettle chips for chip shop chips.

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