Picture an animal


say the name of an animal and then vote if you can (correctly) picture what it looks like in your head


golden lion tamarin

  • yep (i just looked it up after the other thread)
  • nope what is this

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  • what this
  • i know this

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I imagined that one after you wrote it down, then googled it. it looked like I imagined it, only I imagined it grey.



  • not 100% sure
  • yeah one of those

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I’ve seen one of these IN THE WILD, gboT


realised i had to revise the wording of the OP since you can picture any animal easily, but you might be totally wrong


Kookaburra’s are the best


One of my favourite things to do is sing that Kookaburra song with the wrong words. Makes my wife absolutely furious for some reason.


My favourite animal at San Diego Zoo, fact.



  • confident
  • not sure
  • no idea

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First draft of “When Doves Cry” etc etc


best animal


absolutely the best animal (apart from maybe the otter)


Kookaburra sits in the old oak tree
merry merry lord of the dance is he
dance! kookaburra. Laugh! kookaburra.
Gay your life must be.



  • a fucking what
  • option for marckee to pretend

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  • yeah, easy
  • i know it’s not a bat
  • is it like a mouse? like a big mouse?
  • a what

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wombats look like koalas to me


just checked, nothing like em


been a few like that. i feel confident, but end up being way off.