Picture an animal



  • i know what one is. they play dead. not 100% sure i could draw one though.
  • yeah, obviously
  • a what

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  • yep
  • guessing it’s like a squirrel or something
  • nah, no idea

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had no idea it was like that



  • yeah it’s… oh no wait that’s a wombat idk
  • got it
  • walla what

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like a tiny kangaroo innit


I got to hold a chinchilla in school and it blew my mind to bits.



  • so cute!
  • dunno… one of they weird australian things
  • i have never heard this word

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they can be quite vicious tbf


I’ve only nice things to say about them



  • yep
  • nope
  • like… the padding?

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  • of course
  • uhm… like a small wolf?
  • hugh jackman

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  • I have remembered this interesting looking animal from the zoo
  • I was too busy playing with the goats

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I used to love reading referencey non-fiction books when I was a kid. About the natural world, the solar system, even atlases. So I know almost all of these.


In fairness to the pretending crew, these GBOLs were all over London Transport as part of some visit Mexico advertising a few years ago.

I remember the first time I ever saw one in the flesh, in the rather unlikely surroundings of The Soviet Bar (RIP) in Berlin back in the 00s - I couldn’t fathom what I was seeing. It was like seeing an actual mogwai or something…


oh I thought they were little monkeys



yeah i knew this. mrs coulters monkey in his dark materials is like one of these



  • All time
  • These have passed me by

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  • Yes
  • No, because “dog” is a concept, constructed within your brain to incorporate a wide range of perceived objects, and for which there is no one “correct” representation.

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