Picture book thread (rolling)

Hi picture book fans, this is the thread for you! Any and all picture book business is welcome here. Books for any age range from baby to adult. Talk about new books you’ve found, authors and illustrators you love, ask for recommendations, just post random pages you really like because they are funny or beautiful or poignant or whatever.

To start things off, here are a couple me and R picked up earlier from the shop at Discover Story Centre in Stratford. The first we heard read in a story session and we both loved enough that I couldn’t resist getting it. It was near impossible to pick a page to photograph to show, every bit of it is astounding. Anyway, I give you You’re Safe With Me by Chitra Soundar and Poonam Mistry:

The other book I got mostly because it uses one of my favourite concepts of using tracing paper like pages to layer pictures. The illustration is very pretty and the layering has been very well considered. Haven’t actually read the words yet but it made me so happy to look at. Going to keep it away from R for a while yet as the only drawback with it are the pages are very delicate. Amazing Animal Babies by Aina Bestard:


I’m going to bed now but I’ll contribute to this tomorrow!

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I bought Burglar Bill for my nephew recently because I remembered loving it when I was a kid!

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Yeah we read F my copy from when I was a kid.

@jazzballet Janet and Allen Ahlberg were so prolific it’s amazing how many books they did

Reckon the other famous ones of theirs are Each Peach Pear Plum and The Jolly Postman, which is great because it has all these letters you pull out for different fairy tale characters.

Really sad that she died:

“We made an absolute fortune,” he says matter-offactly, “but we never spent any of it. We never really had holidays. And I regret that now,” a feeling clearly heightened by Janet’s early death from breast cancer when Jessica was just 15. Allan paints a bleak picture of himself, Jessica and Janet’s mother eating his attempt at festive dinner that Christmas. “It was desperate,” he says, “By the new year, Janet’s clothes were still hanging over the end of the bed.”

:sob: From

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My mate had this book

written by that Steve Jackson from the Fighting Fantasy series. It’s basically a different puzzle as a picture on each page and you get a number from each one that you use at the end to calculate where in the UK the treasure is buried or something.

This one was just to count all the gold coins you could see

which was one of the hardest because there were so many little spots where you were left wondering if you’d counted them correctly.


Shaun Tan is brilliant, got two of his coming that I bought with my book token.

Really recommend The Arrival, which I could speak about at great length if I wasn’t running late currently.

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big fan of Kai Nielsen


Nice, getting vibes of @anon26275971 favourite Virginia Frances Sterrett from that:


Aye lovely that too.
looks like another from “the golden age of illustration”

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Ah yes, similar era and similar subject matter, as I guess fairy tales were probably the most popular stories for illustrating around then.

I met AA when I worked in books, and he was so lovely, exactly what you’d want from the man who wrote all those classics. He signed a copy of his new book for my mum and wrote “I’ll have that!” in it, I gave it her one Christmas and she cried (happy tears).


Was going to come post this, it’s stunning. Funnily, when I read it with my daughter a while back, she kept pointing out a hidden bird on every page I’d never noticed before, and I suddenly got the symbolism of them. She’s obviously smarter than me.

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The Jolly Postman and Jolly Christmas Postman books are both great.

I’m going to my parent’s later tonight, I think all of these books are in a box somewhere there, I’ll see if I can dig them (and any others for this thread) out.


Really enjoy reading Luna pretty much anything Jon Klassen has illustrated.

Potential spoiler - the bear realising that he has seen his hat in ‘I Want My Hat Back’ absolutely creased me up.


Would quite like that as a poster.



Funnily enough that page was one of the ones which really stood out to me when I looked him up! :grinning:

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Love Klassen :heart:

Like how he can go playfully dark or absurd.


Love Jon Klassen, got a bunch of his prints up in our house. Really love this one:


Love that! Where’s it from?

The Wolf, The Duck and the Mouse is great. Really appealed to my sense of humor.

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