Pictures of your loved ones

In sitcoms and stuff, the Boss always has a picture of his family on his desk, usually as a lead up to some joke where the person applying for a job makes a terrible faux pas. Equally, in dramas, men often have a picture of their family in their wallets that they can look upon to give them comfort in an hour of need.

Do you do any of that?

I have a photo of my daughter in a frame on my desk. It’s a bit naff tbh, but it’s been there for ages. Should probably update it really, since she’s about six months old in the pic and looks nothing like that now.

My phone background screen is a pic of my wife and daughter together.

I don’t have any pics in my wallet.

I have a picture of myself in my wallet


I have a picture of Monty in my wallet and a picture of my partner as my phone home screen.

There is a picture of my niece, nephew and Monty which will be going up in the flat somewhere.

I also have another framed picture of Monty on a shelf in the front room.


An old boss of mine used to have a framed photo of Kylie Minogue on his desk instead of his partner. Don’t know why he did that, guess he found it funny.

That is pretty fucking funny tbf to the lad


I have a picture of Ant’s partner as my phone home screen.

Nice to see you’ve moved on from my sister

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Yeah now I think of it, you couldn’t hold a meeting in his office without everyone collapsing with mirth

Think it’s a little bit weird to have photos of anything but your children just on display tbh

Lock screen


Neither my girlfriend or I really like having our photo taken, so to wind me up, my girlfriend has a saved copy of the photo of me from my company website on her phone.

She also has two photos of me on her desk at home that were taken at a wedding by a friends’ 3 year old kid, and in which I am mainly cropped out.

There are more photos of our nieces in our house than anyone else.

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have a picture of wife and son eating ice cream as my phone screen saver.

Would certainly be weirder if it was someone else’s children tbh

Look at this lovely photo of me and my partner on our wedding da…


I have no loved ones

but if I did, my lock screen would still be Rizzo the Rat


Yeah, tbh
Plenty of married people in places I’ve worked over the years, very few have felt the need to hang up a photo of them (might be different in their homes, don’t care)

Picture of her indoors in my wallet. Nothing on my desk as I’ve gone for minimalist aesthetic that provokes as little small talk as possible, but she has a picture of me dressed as a cowboy on her desk.

I’m not surprised! Cowboy auditors are hott

We make photo calendars for the grandparents every year so just order a couple of extra desk ones with pictures of the kids in. I have a memorial card for one of my granddads in my purse and a Polaroid from a wedding of my eldest with my godmother. At home we have loads of photos on the wall