Just uploading a test picture of a lemon


And another completely different lemon


Let’s try an ice cream instead

Yep that’s more like it!

Fun Raining GIF by Ryan Seslow

Gifs ok?


So we’ve moved and it seems like we haven’t lost nearly as many posts as I expected?

We had a bunch of issues restoring images, which was the slow bit, so ended up just taking a DB backup this morning and restoring that. The historic images are still all hosted by Discourse, so need to figure out a plan with them tomorrow.

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We did the more standard back up, so that database slice is from this morning and only takes minutes

The 2 full database back ups (which take almost a day to generate and hours to download and more hours to reupload) including all the images have been downloaded but don’t include a crucial file in order to sync it all up

We’ll check in with Discourse tomorrow

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