Pie Chat! 🥧

Hello everyone and welcome to my thread about pies! More specifically, the smallish savoury dinner pies that you UKers do so well (please see enclosed picture for what I’m talking about if it’s in any way unclear). I have eaten and enjoyed many of them when I’ve been on your shores, and I think the time has come for me to try and make my own.

I’d be very grateful if you wouldn’t mind sharing some of your fav recipes (extra bonus points for vegetarian ones!) and general pie making tips for a beginner such as myself.

Go pies!



Scotch pie for the win.


I need to make better use of my Pieminister cookbook. However, I did make this homity pie aka Devon Pie a couple of months ago

Recipe is here:

You could easily use the base recipes to make several smaller pies.


I hardly ever make fullly encased pies, but I just like putting a puff pastry top on a dish

I never bother to make my own pastry either


I only ever make one proper pie from scratch and it looks rustic AF and I love it even though pie snobs would laugh me out of the bakery


I’m stopping for a pie at Tebay later today :+1::pie:

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Sausage and egg pie for me, please!

One of the only good things about going to Old Trafford at the minute is the chicken balti pie (which will just about reach an edible temperature around the 75 minute mark if you buy it just before kick off)

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This is the biggest pie I have ever seen :smiley:

  • No pastry = not a pie
  • Open your mind, maaaan

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Cottage pie, shepherds pie, fish pie - none of you are pies, pals. The lies must end.

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I know! I shared it with like 6 neighbours and I still ended up eating it 3 nights in row and then had to throw some away before I learned to hate it.

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That looks bangin! What’s inside?

Celeriac and garlic.



That sounds fantastic. Thanks for the link.

Hungry now.

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Guys leave some pie for everyone else, yeah?

Yeah probably won’t bother with that either tbh, at least not for my first few pies (if i ever get around to making them)

I bloody love pies. Never make them, because they’re a lot of faff and then the person i live with will complain that they’re not heart-healthy. I don’t mind the faff, but if I’m going to make something that’s a faff I at least want some praise for it.

That said, this summer I’m definitely going to bust this out for a picnic: