Pie Thread

Had this one on Tuesday night (it was Pie Night at The Kings Arms) and it might be the best pie I have ever had.

Steak and Ale pie, chips & peas (the gf had fish pie topped with mash)

Talk to me about pies

Like pies. Don’t like people getting incredibly precious about what counts as a pie.
They do really good ones at my local, and a vegan pie place has opened pretty close. It’s ace.

Chips look underdone


Those chips are an abomination.

Bloody love a pie though.

Like a proper northern stereotype, the city of Lincoln (UTI) has a restaurant called Browns Pie Shop and the nicest pie I ever had was a wild rabbit with leeks in elderflower and a cider and cream sauce from there :pie:

preferred lid

  • shortcrust pastry
  • suet
  • puff pastry
  • potato

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Went to a wanky pub near Columbia road where they served me the vegetarian pie with a boat of very obviously meat gravy. They didn’t have any vegetarian gravy to replace it. Absolute shower.

Really need to make pumpkin pie soon.

Savoury pies are meh to me, love a desert pie though.

Charlie Bigham pies (available from all good supermarkets) are very yummy indeed.

  • savoury pie
  • sweet pie

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Different pies for different etc


Scotch pie

  • Yes!
  • I vote Conservative
  • What?

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I’ve had a mince pie and a coffee many times.

I walk past a pie shop with a sign of this in the window every day and it’s probably been making my life about 2% worse overall

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I can’t hear you over you being enormously WRONG.

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Quite often go record shopping in a pie shop. Great place. Pie for £6, yes pls

Macaroni pie

  • Ffs Scotland, but yes
  • No
  • What?

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I regularly have this combination - usually a steak pie though as the beef complements the coffee flavours.

It was the birdcage on Columbia Road. Wankers.