Pie Thread

Couldn’t believe what I was seeing when a colleague bought these in once

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Usually just make it myself to save money on eating/drinking pies and lattes out all the time.

Makes your puny southern Greggs seem a bit pointless, doesn’t it

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Love pies.

Will be making a chicken and smoked bacon pie on Saturday. Puff lid, though.

Got some Pieminister pies in my fridge. They’re treats though really.

In Reading there is an amazing pie place called Sweeney and Todd. I miss it: http://www.sweeneyandtodd.co.uk/

Very very partial to a Pukka Pie and I won’t apologise for it.

When I was a child Tony’s chippy in Newport and Wootton did the best steak pies but really they were puddings cos they had suet pastry.

Always mean to go to Manzes in Peckham but they have bizarre opening hours.


It sure does!

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The TV loves these - reckons that Greggs in Durham is as far south as they get…

“Oh hi great to see you, pilates?”
“I’m sorry, what?”
“Why aren’t you speaking in full sentences?”
“Would you like to come to pilates with me?”
“Hell yeah! That sounds indulgent and great!”
“Indulgent, pilates is pretty healthy you know?”
“Oh! I thought you said pie and lattes!”
“That’s weird, it doesn’t sound anything like what I said and also if someone suggested ‘pie and lattes’ as something to do socially it would be really fucking odd”

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Yes I do. Just one latte with one (steak) pie, not multiple as your post suggests. I’m not weird.

*macaroni pie roll

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I’ve had this experience a ton of times ordering a veggie roast in pubs. Pretty much every time I’ve questioned if I can get veggie gravy instead I’ve been stared at like a visitor from outer space. Yeah, wouldn’t want to put you out and suggest you buy some vegetarian gravy granules for your kitchen and go to all of the effort of adding boiling water to them ffs…

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pies are so good.

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Sausage and egg pie

Lemon meringue pie

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They were spot on

Worst pie

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Blue Spanish spies
Teardrops are falling from your Spanish pies
Please, please don’t cry

Any good pie action in your neck of the woods chief?

what made it obviously meat gravy? bits of meat in it? or does it taste blatantly different?


Key Lime Pie might be my favourite pie