work canteen?

  • work can teen
  • work can’t een

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Pot of stew with a pastry lid, no pastry case

  • Pie
  • Not a pie
  • Mcnulty hand gif

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Seeing a lot of attempts in this thread to marginalise mashed potato pies. I thought we believed in inclusion on DiS smh

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie
That’s amore

  • So a pizza is a pie then
  • A pizza pie is something different
  • ?

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Reckon pie, just. But infinitely disappointing when you order a pie at a pub and get that instead

At the absolute bare minimum a pie lid should entirely cover the top of the pie.


Nothing is more serious business on DiS than correctly categorising foods.

has there ever been a full case mashed potato pie

That can swim faster than a shark

You guys will be fascinated by the age-old UKMT debate of whether a hot dog is a sandwich


Still a pie, but a disappointing pie

steak pie is a stew with a pastry lid and that is not only a pie, it is in fact the best pie

you get full case steak pies of course but they’re not as good hashtag opinions

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Only when it suits us Rarity

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@Epimer once categorised a burrito as a Sandwich. smh.

You order a pie and you are served anything other than a fully encased individual pastry pie

  • Delicious. I ordered pie and this technically fits the definition
  • Seething, never go back there

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Mods ban this sick filth


Want a steak pie from the chipper now. Might go get one

Going to be controversial here maybe, but pies:

  • Overrated
  • Not overrated

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So many wrong people here its infuriating, but i blame the English language for being confusing and shit and not u guys, u guys are awesome.

Would rather have a potato topped pie than a pastry one (fully encased or just topped) any day of the week.

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